Swinburne IoT and AI Club

A club focused on collaboratively learning and building Internet of Things(IoT) and integrating Artificial Intelligence(AI) with IoT.


At the Swinburne IoT and AI Club, enthusiastic students with an interest in these emerging fields of technology come together and use electronics, programming and mechatronics skills to collaboratively build Internet of Things (IoT) projects and Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems that controls and optimizes these IoT projects.

During these challenging times, while on campus activities aren't possible, our projects are being run online collaboratively using MS Teams and GitHub. We host weekly brainstorming sessions to come up with ideas for new projects, as well discuss progress of our current projects and ways to make them better. Members of the club are also encouraged to bring their relevant industry connections to our brainstorming sessions.

Students of all degrees, majors and proficiency levels are welcome!
Join our weekly brainstorming sessions, bring your ideas and skills to build better IoT and AI together.

To join our weekly brainstorming sessions, or if you have any queries please reach out to us at:

Check out our YouTube Channel: youtube.com/channel/UCAnap7YQbjzXrpmiribcsrw
Join our FB page: facebook.com/swin.aiot
GitHub: github.com/swinburneAIoT/