Swinburne Cambodian Culture Club

This is a club founded by Cambodian and to create a cultural exchanges events and activities for other local and international students to participate for better mutual understanding and tighten our friendships among different nations.


The Cambodian Culture Club has three main objectives:
- to create a cultural exchanges where various people from different backgrounds can join and explore Cambodian cultures
- to broaden the students' networks among the team in the club itself as well as open the gate to get connected with other people through various events we have created
- to build the leadership skills for the Cambodian youth as well as others who are willing to join our club

The special events that we might organise will be:
- Khmer New Year: the time when all Cambodian (Khmer) wear traditional clothes and prepare food to bring to the temple for praying and later they play the tradition games and dance traditional songs
- Pchum Ben: the so called "Halloween" for Cambodian because they believe that during these periods the door to the under world will open up allowing the ancestors' spirits to visit their family and bring the foods that their descendants has sent them through praying with the monks
- 7 January (Victory day): One of the most important historical event that Cambodian was under the dark regime "Pol Pot" for 3 years 8 months and 20 days. It was the period when all educated people were killed to claim for equality and there was a film directed by Angelina Jolie called "First, they killed my Farther"
- Water festival: Time when Cambodian Navi won the war and we start to celebrate