Swinburne Entrepreneurship Club

A community for founders, future founders and anyone with an interest in business/entrepreneurship, to grow and benefit of each other’s knowledge and experiences.

The Swinburne entrepreneurship club aims to foster innovation, ideas and creativity among its members. It will provide support and resources required for current founders to grow their ventures, for future founders to take action on their ideas and in general for all of its members in developing skill sets. The club will also act as a startup simulator, where founders can field test their minimum viable products within the club before launching, this will help improving the product. The club can be a great place to
• find a co-founder
• field test products
• collaborate with other startup founders
• find talents to join your projects
• come up with new ideas
• develop skillsets
• join or intern at other ventures

The events the club will be hosting will include
• Guest speakers – Prominent founders will be invited to give a speech and interact with the members.
• Pitch nights- Member will pitch their ‘crazy’ ideas (need not be something they intend to work on, it could be just for fun also). This allows the members to look at things from new perspectives and also develop further ideas based on the ones pitched.
• Brainstorming sessions – The members will sit down together to solve problems.
• Productivity bootcamps – Members will set themselves goals for each week and provide updates once a week to the rest of the members on their venture’s/individual progress.