Swinburne Explorers

Discover Swinburne Explorers! The ultimate club for outdoor enthusiasts at Swinburne University. Thrilling adventures, lasting connections, and unforgettable experiences await. No experience necessary. Explore with us today!

About Explorers

Here at the Swinburne Explorers, our mission is to be an all-inclusive club no matter the level of experience. Whether you’re looking for an intense hike, a leisurely stroll, or something else, this is a club for people looking to make friends and explore the outdoors.

Founded in 1967, we are one of the oldest active Swinburne University club.

We run all sorts of trips for beginners looking for an adventure. No hiking or camping experience needed - our most popular events include a roadtrip to the Great Ocean Road, hiking at the Grampians, or camping at the beautiful Wilson’s Prom.

Our organisers are super friendly and more than happy to help you sort out the details including transport, accommodation, and lending gear such as tents or sleeping bags. We also run day trips and other social activities like rock climbing, cycling, and pub crawls.

For those who want an extra challenge, we can organise more advanced trips, and we welcome suggestions for activities from all our members. Your next adventure starts here. Join us today!

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Contact us: swinexplorers@swin.edu.au