Swinburne Omani Club

Swinburne Omani club is a culture club for Omani and any student is interested in Omani culture. Discover Omani culture, taste Omani food, learn Omani tradition, try Omani cloths.


As an international student who studies abroad, it can difficult to adapt after leaving our family and home country. However, having a place or a club that would gather Omani students and other students would be excellent. As those students would come to this place that would create a family. Also, to let students and people around Swinburne to know more about our culture, traditions and our food.

Omanis of Swinburne began its journey as a registered club in 2018, many Swinburne facilities and students, as well as our members, were happy about the successful events that were done such as, Harmony day, and Heritage day.

Now, kicking off 2020 by registering the club again, would be an excellent opportunity to create all these vibes of gathering students and sharing our amazing traditions and culture.