Clubs Code of Conduct

  • Members agree to use Club Monies for SSAA approved Club purposes only.
  • Members must behave in a manner that reflects the values of Swinburne and SSAA. Members must be particularly mindful of the core Swinburne behaviours:
  1. Communicate – “Say it” – have the conversation, respect each other’s differences, give meaningful feedback and share openly and honestly.
  2. Listen and Learn – “Hear it, learn from it” – learn from one another, actively listen to each other, resolve conflict and be innovative.
  3. Collaborate – “Share it” – work constructively together with a common purpose.
  4. Trust – “Trust it” – be open to and honest with others, act with fairness and respect, inspire positive expectations and communicate honestly.
  5. Act – “Do it” – have a strong sense of immediacy, take practical action and see it through.
  • Members must be fair, equitable, considerate and honest, in their dealings with others.
  • Members must use facilities and equipment for their proper purposes.
  • Members must not abuse, intimidate and/or harass others in any way, including in-person, online, on-campus or off-campus.
  • Physical violence or assault, including sexual assault, is completely unacceptable. Members must not engage in this behaviour, and must report any instances of violence to SSAA and the appropriate authorities. If a Member is aware that violence or assault is in progress, or if they suspect someone is in imminent danger, they must immediately contact 000 and, if on a Swinburne Campus, Campus Security on 9214 3333.
  • Illicit drug use of any kind is prohibited.
  • Members must not engage in discriminatory behaviour, including (but not limited to) public disparagement, discrimination against, or vilification of, a person or group on the grounds of a personal attribute such as race, gender, sexuality or political stance.
  • Members must follow the directions of SSAA, Swinburne and security staff at all times.
  • Members are to cooperate with Club Committee Members as well as venue, Swinburne, SSAA and security staff at all times at Club Events.
  • Members agree to contribute towards the provision of a safe environment for all events, functions, competitions and other activities run by a Club.
  • Members who consume alcohol during Club Events must do so safely and responsibly. Impairment by alcohol is no excuse for violating the safety or wellbeing of others.
  • Swinburne Members of Sports Clubs must not engage in doping, as defined by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority and the World Anti-Doping Agency.
  • In some circumstances, Clubs may wish to engage Club Members to provide professional services such as coaching, catering or DJ services. If the Club Member would normally charge clients a fee to provide these services, or if a fee would normally be payable to an outside entity to provide similar services, the Club Member counts as a Club Contractor and must adhere to the rules for Club Contractors laid out in SSAA Club Governance & Management Policy.
  • A Club Member is ineligible to serve as both a Club Committee Member and a Club Contractor in the same calendar year.
  • The selection of Club Contractors must not present a conflict of interest with Club Members or SSAA.
  • If you are an Associate Member, you understand that you are not covered in any way under any insurance policy held by SSAA or Swinburne University of Technology.