Swinburne Cyber Security Club

The Swinburne Cyber Security Club is a community at Swinburne University of Technology (Melbourne, Australia) for all those who are interested in cyber security/ethical hacking.

Who we are?
At The Swinburne Cyber Security Club, we are passionate about fostering a community of cybersecurity enthusiasts and newbies who are dedicated and fascinated in exploring and advancing in the world of Cyber Security. Our club is a hub for students with a keen interest in cybersecurity, providing an active platform and community for learning, collaboration, in-person events, demonstrations and so much more
A little bit of history
The Swinburne Cyber Security Club was founded from a branch within the Swinburne TCP/IP club around 2012. The club first participated in the Cyber Defence University Challenge, which nowadays is called the Cyber Security Challenge Australia (CySCA). CySCA was a government-run Capture The Flag (CTF) which was run over 24 hours. The club formed with the initial goal of recruiting members for the following year's competition. Since then, the club has grown dramatically in size, and we have competed in many CTFs and grown a amazing, active and passionate community.
What do we do
Since the club started, it has grown dramatically in size and aside from meetings, there will be a large focus on preparing a mix of casual and competitive teams for each CTF. Meetings/training will aimed to be run weekly with material from the below through all skill levels from basic to advanced.
The knowledge areas that will be focused on are:
- Reverse Engineering (RE/REV)
- Website exploitation (Web)
- Cryptography and Cryptanalysis (Crypto)
- Binary Exploitation (PWN)
- OSINT (Open Source Intelligence)
- Forensics & Steganography
- Signals
- Malware Analysis
- Mobile OS (Android/iOS)
- Operating Systems (Linux/Windows/macOS)
How do I join?
1. Register to the club using the above link with your Swinburne email.
2. Join our DISCORD SERVER for announcements, meetings, competitions and everything else to do with the club.
3. Open a ticket in the #support channel of the Discord server and provide your Swinburne student ID.