Swinburne Economics and Diplomacy Club

All students welcome! A club for students from all disciplines to come together to discuss the issues of our time. Applying what we learn in the classroom to the world we live in today through weekly discussions and policy simulations.


Welcome to the Economics and Diplomacy Club!

This club will run regular policy and crisis simulations during each semester to give students job-relevant experience in collaboratively solving problems. These events will help you build confidence, prepare for group interviews, and make new friends. There will be weekly informal catchups and discussions.

Our goal is to bring together likeminded individuals from a variety of disciplines to apply what we learn in the classroom to the world around us.

Students of Economics, International Relations and Global Studies will find the club particularly relevant, but students from all degrees are invited to join and bring new perspectives to global challenges.

In a constantly changing world, university is the place to prepare for the future. We hope students will carry the skills and knowledge acquired from this club in both their academic and professional pathways.