Swinburne Education and Teaching Society

Swinburne Education and Teaching Club (SETS) is a community for pre-service teachers. We aim to foster members' career ambitions and provide social networking opportunities.


Swinburne Education and Teaching Society is a community for students who are studying early childhood, primary or secondary education. We aim to provide a network for members to support each other academically and socially.

SETS continuously holds a range of formal and informal activities such as skills workshops, seminars with practising teachers, social events and many external opportunities that all members can participate in.



SETS will be holding a Special General Meeting to fill 5 positions, as well as receive feedback from club members. Join us on the 29th of June @ 11AM

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Are You A Great Communicator? If so, you would be perfect to fill our role for SPONSORSHIP COORDINATOR here at SETS!

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