SFA - Swinburne Powerlifting Club

Become stronger with our friendly community of lifters ranging from absolute beginners to world class athletes; here our coaches will teach you how to properly train in a positive, ego-free environment.

*Powerlifting Australia Affiliated*


Join Us on the Gainz Train!

Why do so many people enjoy lifting weights? Because there are a ton of health benefits, it’s simple, rewarding, and almost anybody can get involved. The weight lifted describes one’s physical performance however many find in it a strong sense of empowerment as well. Every member of ours has improved their strength largely thanks to expert coaching which is provided and a conducive environment.

Everybody at the club is helpful and friendly with plenty of females participating also so if you want to know more about the club or check it out please send us an email or call and we’ll get back to you!

Looking forward to seeing you,
Colin Chan
(Club President)

Address: 34 Linda Crescent (Eleiko Victorian Weightlifting Stadium)

Training Times:
Sunday 4pm-10pm
Tuesday 8pm-10pm
Wednesday 8:30pm-10:30pm
Thursday 4pm-10pm