Swinburne Marketing and Management Club

The Marketing and Management Club is formed in order to create opportunities for students with an interest in marketing and/or management.


The Swinburne Marketing and Management Club (SMMC) is structured to ensure students can share ideas and advice with each other. The clubs structure will have..

-One business focused event per month (Minimum)
-One social event per month (Minimum)
-Podcast and book recommendations (Every Saturday morning)
-Aim to create and effectively market an idea/innovation for events such as the Venture club.

By combining passionate students together and focusing on networking with like minded individuals we aim to increase opportunities and create networks and friendships that will enhance students experience at Swinburne. With an open and friendly committee waiting to meet everyone!
(Our club is NOT just for FBL students majoring in marketing and/or management. But ANY student who is interested in building networks and ideas).

MMC is free to join and all we ask is people to bring enthusiasm.
With projects, free business focused events, the chance to meet new people and create friendships you really build your own opportunities at MMC.



A collaboration event that gives students an amazing opportunity to meet new people, win up to $40.00 worth of prizes Join your friends and have an amazing time! Join via the Eventbrite link -> https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/trivia-game-night-supa-x-smmc-tickets-175427948717

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