Swinburne Sri Lankan Students' Association (SSSA)

The SSSA is the official Sri Lankan club of Swinburne, dedicated in enhancing the cultures and traditions of Sri Lanka/Illankai/Ceylon. We welcome students/staff from all communities to feel the essence of Sri Lankan heritage.

Hello / Ayubowan / Vanakkam

The Swinburne Sri Lankan Student's Association is the official Sri Lankan club of Swinburne which is dedicated in enhancing the amazing cultures, traditions, and values of the pearl of the Indian ocean by sharing this exciting journey with everyone and all communities of Swinburne University.

The Swinburne Sri Lankan Student's Association welcomes students and staff from all backgrounds to join this platform, so we can all have fun together while blending in the essence of Sri Lankan heritage.
The club provides the opportunity to meet new people, build lasting friendships, experience amazing Sri Lankan food, party to great Sri Lankan beats and much more, making life at Swinburne memorable.

The club prides itself on providing events such as Baila night, Kothu night, regular pub nights, car meet ups, sporting events, cricket tournaments, Sri Lankan festivals and cultural celebrations, an annual ball, charity fundraisers, and so much more!
As a member, you will be able to actively be involved in society affairs and have the opportunity to participate in all our events.

Club Aims and values:
1. To unify and bond all Sri Lankan identifying students from all ethnicities into a cohesive Swinburne community.
2. To share Sri Lankan traditions, culture, and values.
3. To provide a strong community for all Sri Lankan identifying students while mutually strengthening the bonds with the wider Australian community.
4. To connect and bring together all communities and cultures.
5. To enhance and develop the sportive and cultural talents possessed by the club members.
6. To maintain and provide regular events to our members.
7. To provide support to our student members.
8. To organise charitable programs to support those in most need.
9. The activities of the association will not be politically, religiously, or racially discriminatory

Contact EMAIL : swinburneceylon@gmail.com