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Come along and join SUPA in its first ever industry expo! Tailored to the undergraduate who is finishing up with their bachelor in psychology/psychological sciences/health sciences (majoring in a field of psychology), this event will help you get a better understanding of what job opportunities are available for you! This interactive event will give you the chance to listen to representatives from all kinds of job sectors that take on applicants with a bachelor; such as child protection, allied health, mental health support and many more.

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We all know as psychology students the big result that comes after a bachelors degree... is more time working on another degree.
But what if you want to take a break for a while? what if you're itching to get out into the community and help? What if you want to gain experience in the sector during an honours degree? What opportunities are there with a bachelors degree?
Well you're in luck - Swinburne University Psychology Association is proud to announce its first ever Industry Expo!
This expo is tailored to assist undergraduate psychology students with the many job opportunities that are available with a bachelor in psychology/psychological sciences/health sciences (majoring in a field of psychology).
Representatives from various fields such as child protection, allied health, disability support and mental health support will be joining us to tell you a little bit about the type of work you can get involved in after finishing your bachelor degree. Ever wanted to know what exactly these fields of work do? Now is your chance!
Come along and start to make some meaningful and proactive connections with your possible future area of work!
See you there!