Swinburne Uni AFL Club

The Official Swinburne Uni AFL Club.

Swinburne Uni AFL Club is for everyone who enjoys the game of Australian Rules Football. Whether you are seasoned veteran or footy novice, everyone is welcome to join us in sharing in our great game. Our club organises social activities on a regular basis, as well as attending games and watching them live at local venues. We are a fantastic place to meet new people, have amazing experiences, and take part in a fun and healthy activity with others. We have a direct affiliation with the Swinburne Amateur Football Club, whose men's  teams compete each weekend during the season. Whether you wish to play or just watch from the sidelines, we are a social club that welcomes people of all levels of experience and ability to participate. In order to maintain a varied membership, our club aggressively invites people from all areas of life to come and join us. If you do wish to get in touch please send us an email at swinafl@gmail.com or you can find us on Facebook [HERE][1] [1]: https://www.facebook.com/swinburneuniaflclub