Swinburne Cheerleading and Dance Club

Swinburne Cheerleading and Dance offer competitive cheer and dance teams for all abilities! Our club aims to provide an opportunity for members to meet new people, work as a team, learn and develop skills and make the most of their university experience

Swinburne Christian Union

The Swinburne CU is a group of uni students who want to know God deeply. For these reasons, we get together to study the Bible in small groups, to hear Bible talks, to discuss books, to pray and to just hang out and grow in community together.

Swinburne Coding and Robotics Society

SCARS brings together people from all backgrounds to discuss and engage in programming and robotics. We facilitate professional networking events, social gatherings, workshops, and competitions.

Swinburne Cricket Club


Swinburne Crime and Forensics Society

A club that can bring everyone's love of crime and forensics together to discuss recent cases, watch movies, shows and even the odd game every now and again

Swinburne Cyber Security Club

The Swinburne Cyber Security Club is a community at Swinburne University of Technology (Melbourne, Australia) for all those who are interested in cyber security/ethical hacking.

Swinburne Design Collective

The Swinburne Design Collective brings together students from all creative disciplines. Our 3 focus areas are: Creating fun social events; Skills development workshops and providing fundamental design skills; and connecting our members with industry.

Swinburne Embedded System Enthusiasts Club

A place for embedded systems and microelectronics enthusiasts.

Swinburne Engineering Student Society

SESS aims to unite engineering students across all majors to connect and network with their peers and with industry, as well as to support them in finding relevant tools and resources to boost their careers and help make their degree stand out.

Swinburne Entrepreneurship Club

A community for founders, future founders and anyone with an interest in business/entrepreneurship, to grow and benefit of each other’s knowledge and experiences.

Swinburne Esports

Swinburne Esports represents Swinburne in competitive gaming university competitions and tournaments. You can join our Facebook Group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/swinesports And our Discord server here: https://discord.gg/2DhTmrT

Swinburne Explorers

Discover Swinburne Explorers! The ultimate club for outdoor enthusiasts at Swinburne University. Thrilling adventures, lasting connections, and unforgettable experiences await. No experience necessary. Explore with us today!

Swinburne Finance Club

Aimed at financially-minded students, and those particularly interested in investing in the stock market, our club offers Swinburne students an opportunity to discuss thoughts and opinions on the financial world of today and the future.

Swinburne FOCUS OCF

We are the Overseas Christian Fellowship at Swinburne University where any and all are welcome! Join us for fun activities and events, meet tons of other people and feel free to sit in during our Bible studies and prayer meetings

Swinburne Game Makers

Swinburne Game Makers is a club centered around learning how to make games together. We host monthly meet-ups, game jams and other activities!