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Swinburne Kannada Sangha

Kannada club intends to bring the students from all parts of Karnataka together with a motive to demonstrate our culture among the wider Swinburne student community.

Swinburne K-pop Club

This club intends to bring together all like-minded kpop fans!

Swinburne Labor Left

The Swinburne Labor Left club offers a progressive view on Labor politics and gives students the opportunity to engage in politics through tours, speakers, social events and debates. This club values activism, trade unions and democratic socialism.

Swinburne Law Students Society

The Swinburne Law Students’ Society (SLSS) is a student-run society aimed at assisting Swinburne Law students with their studies and further career ambitions.

Swinburne Liberal Society

“Our futures free, our society prosperous!” The Swinburne Liberal Society (SLS) is Swinburne University of Technology’s premier political club promoting Liberalism through discussion, debate, and the creation of long lasting friendships.

Swinburne Makers & Creators Community

Dream it, Make it, Break it, Fix it!

Swinburne Mathematics Society

A society of maths enthusiasts from all disciplines that get together to share puzzles, interesting videos, papers, study extracurricular maths subjects, host Q&As with maths researchers and connect with the wider swinburne maths community!

Swinburne MEPDE HDR Student Association

Swinburne MPDE HDR Student Association is an academic association for HDR students within the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Product Design Engineering to share new ideas and discuss research projects through academic events.

Swinburne Minecraft Playerbase

Come join us on this adventure! Whether you're a seasoned Minecraft veteran or a curious newcomer, you will find a welcoming community here at Swinburne Minecraft Playerbase.

Swinburne Music Society

For musicians and music lovers alike!

Swinburne Physics and Outer-Space Club

A club for all Swinny students interested in Physics and Outer-Space

Swinburne Physiotherapy Society

We invite all students at Swinburne interested in physiotherapy, human movement, and health to sign up to the Swinburne Physiotherapy Society for exclusive access to our social events and educational resources!

Swinburne Poetry Club

Stroll over with us on a sunny (or rainy or windy or breezy) evening for some Sweet tea and Poetry with a fun bunch of poets-to-be

Swinburne Pop Culture Club

The Swinburne Pop Culture Club is a social club aiming to provide a space for students to meet other students over casual discussions and fun events. If you’re interested in anything pop culture-related, come join us and meet other like-minded people.

Swinburne Postgraduate Research Association

Connect with fellow postgraduate research and PhD students in social and professional events and monthly meetups!