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Swinburne Punjabi Club

Swinburne Punjabi Club

Swinburne Soccer Club

Whether you enjoy playing the game or simply watching the Prem, Swinburne Soccer Club is the club for all things Soccer!

Swinburne Sri Lankan Students' Association (SSSA)

The SSSA is the official Sri Lankan club of Swinburne, dedicated in enhancing the cultures and traditions of Sri Lanka/Illankai/Ceylon. We welcome students/staff from all communities to feel the essence of Sri Lankan heritage.

Swinburne Sustainability Society

Join to lead, advocate and implement sustainability initiatives at Swinburne.

Swinburne Table Tennis Club

The Swinburne Table Tennis Club (STTC) is a sporting club that welcomes like-minded players of all levels. We strive to create an environment that is competitive and enjoyable for everyone involved with the club.

Swinburne Tabletop Role-Playing Game Club

SwinTTRPG is an inclusive space dedicated to learning, organizing, and playing all kinds of tabletop role-playing games and trading card games!

Swinburne Tae Kwon Do Club

Taekwondo is a traditional Korean martial art. However, at Swinburne we place greater focus on Taekwondo as a modern martial sport.

Swinburne Ultimate Frisbee!

Swinburne Ultimate is a club for everyone. Come down and learn how to throw and learn how to play ultimate. Find us on Facebook, Instagram or email us (swinburneuniultimate@gmail.com).

Swinburne Uni AFL Club

The Official Swinburne Uni AFL Club.

Swinburne University Lacrosse Club

Welcome to the Swinburne University Lacrosse Club. We are a social group dedicated to growing the game of Lacrosse.

Swinburne University Psychology Association (SUPA)

SUPA is a social, academic and professional club for students interested in Psychology and its related disciplines such as Forensic psychology and Psychophysiology.

Swinburne University Snow Squad (SUSS)

The Swinburne University Snow Squad runs casual and competition trips to the Victorian Alps for all skill levels, from those who have never seen the snow right through to seasoned snowbunnies! As well as frequent and outrageous social events

Swinburne Volleyball Club

Join the Volleyball Club to get fit, get friends and get fun! We cater to all skill levels, so everyone is welcome!

Swinburne's Pakistani Society

We aim to bring all Pakistanis across Swinburne together and help foster the Pakistani community at Swinburne.

SwinChess Club

Disappointed by the fact that Swinburne university don't have a chess club ? Now we have it !!! If you are a chess lover you and you want to involve in a chess environment for face-to-face clashs on the board right inside the university, join now !