Swinburne Liberal Club

The Swinburne Liberal Club aims to bring students together that share the values of Liberalism. The club aims to promote participation through debate within the Liberal tradition.


The Swinburne Liberal Club is based upon the members who passionately believe in the Liberal tradition: Individual Freedom, Free Enterprise and Open Debate.

Within the Liberal tradition, students of the Swinburne University Liberal Club are encouraged to discuss ideas of their own through debate. Despite this, the Swinburne Liberal Club aims to foster a highly sociable club that seeks to create long-lasting friendships between members.

If you believe in the Rights of All and a government of democracy through freedom of thought, religion, speech and association. While also believing in a just society through the Rule of Law, equal opportunity, incentive, private sector initiative, free trade and maintaining alliances across the free world, then this club is for you!