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Have you got what it takes to solve a mystery?

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Recently, we've received word of a missing girl and we are wondering if anyone thinks they have time to get into a team and help us find her!

Such a task will require you to be in groups of 3, which you can make yourselves or have the SwinPCC committee make for you if you wish. You also need a Facebook page, and one person will need to share their screen.

Feel you have detective skills and can help crack the case? Let us know here: https://forms.gle/1Q1uHG4LjwhUS8TV6

-- This is a virtual escape room challenge. If you have already completed a challenge that sounds like this, we ask you don't join in this event (sorry!). Each team is timed by the game, and the team with the most points (earnt by the speed of completion, reduced by using hints or skipping puzzles) will receive points towards something next semester we are still finalizing, plus an exclusive title on Discord which includes sweet bragging rights - but ONLY if you beat the score set by the committee team!