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The beginning of our frequent Westmarch style campaign! Open to both new players and experienced.

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What is Westmarch?
It is a style of game where each session is a self-contained story, starting and ending in the central city. The party and @WestMarch GM would be different each time you play. This style of campaign allows multiple groups of players, new and experienced, to play Dungeons and Dragons (5th Edition) with easy joining and without heavy commitment.

How is it run?
The party beforehand decides which part in the world they want to travel to, and the GM, with all the help and resources, creates a story around that. After each session, you will write up a summary of all important plot points for all to see, and that may then affect the world, depending on whether another GM chooses to expand on the consequences of another party's actions.

Sessions will run at different times and days throughout the weeks depending on player and GM availability.

As a GM, must I follow the guidelines of the world?
Of course not! You're able to explore and shape the world as you like, but for the sake of continuity between stories, it is preferable. A PDF of the world's information would be provided

How long are the sessions?
They would be varying depending on the GM (Game Master), but the average would be around 3 hours.

How about my character?
We would all start at level 3, so be sure to have a character built before your game. If you need help with character creation, you can our Helper Role is our discord for assistance. There will be announcements when a game-wide Level up will occur

Where will it be run?
It will mostly be played through the website Roll20.net and our discord. More information in discord.

Join our discord here to join the campaign and our community!
We are looking for both players and game masters (express your interest in our discord). If you have any questions we are happy to assist.

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