Swinburne Islamic Society

We are dedicated to serve the best interests of all students and the society as a whole at Swinburne through many activities and inspired by the Prophet Muhammad
(peace be upon him)

With the support of Swinburne Student Life, we are always striving to overcome social and spiritual challenges that any new students face in this community. We focus on supporting people like you throughout your student life at Swinburne

Our Main aim is to facilitate students to practice Islam with ease. We endeavour to do this through services and activities designed to encourage friendship. We will engage with all faiths and nationalities to foster peace, cooperation & understanding amongst all. We support all students and staff of all faiths to feel safe and free to practice their faiths at our campus.

You will find our contact details below. If you have any questions or apprehension please feel free to contact the Swinburne Islamic Society Committee. You may also direct your question to the mail list.

Once again thanks for joining us and we look forward to providing you with a positive experience.

Email contactus@swinis.org
FB page https://www.facebook.com/Swinburneislamic/
Twitter page https://twitter.com/TheSwinburneIS/
Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/swinisgroup/