Swinburne Labor Left

The Swinburne Labor Left club offers a progressive view on Labor politics and gives students the opportunity to engage in politics through tours, speakers, social events and debates. This club values activism, trade unions and democratic socialism.

The Labor Left, also known as the Socialist Left and Progressive Left, is an organised Left movement of the Australian Labor Party. Our policy positions include party democratisation, economic interventionism, progressive tax reform, refugee rights, gender equality and LGBT rights.

Swinburne Labor Left exists to engage and educate students, staff and academics in democracy, politics, debate and activism.

We also give students the opportunity to engage in politics through tours, invited speakers, social events (such as politics in the park/pub and dinner nights), debates and monthly meetings to discuss politics and to educate on the inner workings of the Australian Labor Party and political movements worldwide.

We are a body of activists, politically engaged and politically interested individuals who work collectively with other organisations within the university and external to the university to campaign on issues important to students, workers, the labour movement, social progression, inclusion and equality.

We encourage participation in student elections, student union elections, club executives and any other opportunities that present themselves at the Swinburne University of Technology and its affiliated organisations.

Contact us: 103024702@student.swin.edu.au