Swolburne is a fitness based club with the intention of encouraging each other to get fit! We aim to be an inclusive and supportive environment for old and new gym goers alike! And a place where fitness and advice is discussed. Come join today!

Swolburne is a fun new club with a focus on fitness. An inclusive environment for all, from beginners to seasoned gym goers. Whether you’re looking for a group to help you safely train for the first time or just need someone there to help spot you as you try to beat your personal best. This club focuses on ensuring that fitness can be a fun activity to look forwards to, with many different events planned year-round, such as hiking trips, rock climbing, swimming days and friendly competitions. So, whether you’ve been going to the gym since before you were born, or have just been curious about trying it out, all are welcome to join our community. Contact us: [swolburne@gmail.com] or join our discord! https://discord.gg/wmmy3Jp4bY