Charcoal BBQ

The charcoal bbq club aims to promote a healthier student life through quality food. The founding members are postgraduate Swinburne students who came together to develop their passion for gourmet style food, specifically in the area of charcoal bbq-ing.


Having a fulfilling meal is a is a great way to offset a stressful week, as well learn some new skills/techniques. The club gathers postgraduate students with a great interest in food, cooking, and quality of life.

We will meet monthly to promote the Optical Sciences Centre around a charcoal burning BBQ to explore various themes of cooking at an international level, how other cultures utilise BBQ’s to create meals to share. Themes such as rotisserie, smoking, glazing + grilling shall be explored, following tutorials by famous chefs + developing our skills. We hope our members can leave each meeting feeling inspired to get cooking (not just living on migoreng) and to leave feeling sufficiently fed.

For more information contact Mitchell Conway: