Blockchain @ Swinburne

Blockchain @ Swinburne is a club for anyone who is interested in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. We aim to be a club where cryptography, decentralised finance, cryptocurrency trading, Bitcoin, and the latest cryptocurrency news is discussed.


Blockchain @ Swinburne is the club for cryptocurrency enthusiasts of all kinds to talk about all the latest blockchain and decentralised finance developments with other interested members. We're aiming to bring together all enthusiasts, from people new to crypto who want to know more about Bitcoin, to esoteric cryptography advocates with programming and mathematics skills, to cryptocurrency traders, Bitcoin HODLers, NFT collectors, Dogecoin Moonbois, and more! We facilitate an environment where like-minded enthusiasts can get together to start new blockchain inspired projects, get excited about the future of cryptographic technology, engage in new trustless DeFi ideas, and more.