Club Motion Sickness

Club Motion Sickness is the newest Swinburne animation and motion design club bringing together like-minded individuals interested in the fields, study, and discussion of moving media.


Club Motion Sickness is a social and academic club that hopes to inspire students from all departments at Swinburne in everything animation, motion, visual effects and more. 

We hope to clarify and inform students about their choices in university and beyond so that they can make the best decisions in their degrees and time after uni.

Some potential club activities that we're looking to run would be:

  • Movie nights with animated films and animated shorts screenings,
  • Weekly social events to get together and catch up in a very chill manner, talking about animation or just what's going on in people's lives,
  • Workshops on animation programs or teaching different styles and effects,
  • Talks from animation individuals such as people from the industry, animation and motion design faculty, and student alumni in the field of animation, motion design, and visual effects.

The key feature of the club would be a collective effort made to produce a magazine focused on all things animation or to produce a club animation short film.

Students could participate in any of the following ways:

  • Producing little animations that could accompany a digital magazine,
  • Writing articles on development in animation tech,
  • Interviews with key animation and motion design industry professionals,
  • Guides to traversing animation at Swinburne or even dealing with other external or online animation programs,
  • And so much more!

The main point of the club though is to harbour a safe and welcoming community for anyone looking to venture into the world of animation. These students could gain tips from others already part of animation at Swinburne, or just have a fun time socialising about some of their favourite animations.

We hope this sounds interesting to you, so sign on up and we'll see you around!


Follow us on socials or just get in contact with us via email for further updates on events and club activities.

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