Society of Future Reality

Our future need not be like Black Mirror, as a club, we aim to provide a space to socialize and re-imagine the near-future of emerging technology devices ( (VR, AR, drones) without any hassle.


We are living the future reality of other people, why not explore your future reality with us.

The future reality is where emerging technology becomes more and more disruptive and influential, two sides of the coin that may spell positive benefits (or further isolate) to yourself and the community around/beyond us.

Living your future reality then means that you combine your experience in using technology devices with other people’s ideas and knowledge to re-imagine the use of emerging technology like drones, virtual reality goggles, augmented reality and more.

For example:

  • Drones – safety regulations, things to know, etc.
  • A mixed-reality using virtual reality and augmented reality to learn a subject)
  • Smartphone - film-making, digital storytelling, etc.
  • Blockchain – cryptocurrency, roboadvisor, etc.

As a club, we are here to provide our members with:

  • Support in making sense of the potential of emerging technology, for yourself and the social issues that you are passionate about.
  • Provide a platform to socialise and share ideas.
  • Provide a space to share your ideas and socialise

To do this, we will organise monthly meetups, and events centred on socialising, skills development , and knowledge sharing.

Send us an e-mail at