Swinburne Finance Club

Aimed at financially-minded students, and those particularly interested in investing in the stock market, our club offers Swinburne students an opportunity to discuss thoughts and opinions on the financial world of today and the future.

The Swinburne Finance Club aims to gather people of all backgrounds and disciplines who share a common interest in the world of investing and financial matters. We aim to meet regularly to discuss new investing opportunities, improve our professional networking and engage in fun, social activities such as games and movies. Whether you are an investing know-it-all or are just interested in learning a thing or two and sharing ideas, there is something for you at the Swinburne Finance Club! Activities planned include: * Competitions with fictional portfolios * Monopoly nights (and other financial board games) with snacks * Movie nights (finance-related movies and seminars) with snacks Can't wait to see you there! **[103599909@student.swin.edu.au][1]** [1]: mailto:%20103599909@student.swin.edu.au