Swinburne Hellenic Society - (Greek Club)

Swinburne Hellenic Society aims to connect those of Greek heritage with their roots, and to all others who want to embrace our culture.

🇬🇷  Welcome to the Swinburne Hellenic Society! 🇬🇷

We at Swinburne Hellenic Society aim to promote the Hellenic culture, history, language and traditions with those of Greek descent, and those who are passionate about the Hellenic culture. We strive on producing numerous cultural and social events, both on and off campus to unite students and to create an unforgettable university experience throughout the year, which is why you should join us at SHS!

Our Aims

  • Promote the Hellenic culture and pride amongst students of Hellenic descent
  • Assist students wanting to learn the Greek language as a Swinburne student
  • Create a unified family and connection between students, of Greek descent, and those passionate about our culture
  • Share the passion we have of our culture through events run by SHS, or our affiliate clubs through NUGAS

Through our strong affiliation with the National Union of Greek Australian Students, the Greek Community of Melbourne, and the Greek Youth Generator, NUGAS, GCM and GYG respectively for short, it provides students the access to create a link with their heritage on a scale larger than what we at SHS can provide, as well as the experience of visiting social, and cultural events run by these organisations.

Swinburne Hellenic Society is a unbiased and non-politically motivated club that welcomes everyone no matter what their cultural background is.

Any questions? Contact us through our email, by clicking here


23 Nov 2022

Swinburne Hellenic Society - (Greek Club)

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