Building Community & Connection Within Your Club Webinar

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Are you a club committee member interested in relationship building and engagement to boost your club's activity and relevance? This webinar workshop will include exclusive insight into building community in a digital environment!

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Is every member of your club the same? Sure, they have shared interests, but they are also unique and have unique needs. In this workshop, you will learn the principles of community building including how to appeal to the core needs of different members and how to tailor marketing to different students.

This workshop will be in two parts:
1. Appealing to different needs & audience
2. Community & relationship building, especially in a digital environment

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This webinar will be interactive with breakout rooms, using the whiteboard function and with a co-design approach to optimise engagement and value. Resources, including screenshots of the whiteboard will be made available post session.
Please note this training is available for club committee members*

This workshop will be run by Josh Farr - a former university student club President & Founder of Campus Consultancy

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