LEAD Talk: Dr. Laurence Berry

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Attend this talk to learn about how NGOs and charities tackle sustainability and conservation, what a career in sustainability looks like and why safeguarding Australia's wildlife matters. Dr. Laurence Berry will be joining us from the field where he works for the Australian Wildlife Conservancy. This is an excellent opportunity for all students interested in sustainability, NGO and direct action leadership to learn from an expert and industry leader.

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Dr. Berry works for the Australian Wildlife Conservancy as an Ecologist where he's helped re-introduce critically endangered species into various landholdings. The AWC is the largest private owner of land in Australia and works to protect native Australian species in all states and territories through land use.

We'll be asking Dr. berry about:
- Why is safeguarding native species important in a more sustainable future?
- How does it feel to return a species to an area it's been absent from for over 100 years? What work goes into that moment?
- What does a career path in sustainability and conservation look like?
- What are the most pressing challenges we face and how can students and lay people make a difference?
- What role do charities and NGOs play in sustainability?

As always there will be an "Ask Me Anything" segment where students can ask any questions they want and, as always, questions are welcomed before, during and after the conversation. Come along to learn more about how being active in your career can lead to making a difference.

When: 10th of June, 4:00-5:00PM
Where: Zoom - https://swinburne.zoom.us/j/92780594308?pwd=aEVzMlZWSlRTd0g2SVBQY3ZqTzlSUT09

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