LEAD Workshop: Understanding and Unlocking Motivation

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Come along to this talk to learn about motivation and how you can become more motivated and productive. Motivation can be tricky. Why are some tasks easy and others difficult? How do you stop procrastinating when you really don't want to do work? Can we change motivation? Is it inherent to us or can we work on becoming more motivated? These are the sorts of topics we'll be discussing and learning to improve.

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Students attending this interactive workshop will learn about:

  • Why are we motivated or demotivated at a subconscious level
  • Techniques for increasing motivation and getting more stuff done
  • How we can understand and see motivation in others and, therefore, work more effectively together
  • When to see procrastination as a signal that we can learn from, instead of feeling guilty or ashamed about it

As always with LEAD programs there's ample time to ask questions and have a chat to make sure everyone learns about what they need to.

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