LEAD Workshop: How to lead when you're not a "leader"

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When we're pursuing success we're often leading. Whether that's trying to get a group to achieve a particular result, developing connections through networking or by proactively taking advantage of opportunities, we are leading. But how can we lead from the bottom? If we're not a manager, a president, or even given that responsibility, how can we actually be a leader? What if we don't feel comfortable or ready? How can we prepare?

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In this workshop, attending students will learn about how to lead, regardless of what external title or position they hold. We'll be focusing on:
- Leading from the bottom of a hierarchy
- What people expect of you and how this can be used as a strength
- How to use a few simple actions to be a leader, even if no one expects it of you
- How to prepare and practice to develop confidence in your actions

Where: Zoom
When: 14th of October, 11.00AM-12.30PM

As always with LEAD programs there's ample time to ask questions and have a chat to make sure everyone learns about what they need to.

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