Understanding and Unlocking Motivation

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Zoom: https://swinburne.zoom.us/j/89869323086?pwd=SWpDM1U3Q1NQaG1oOTdZWjM1cVVjdz09

Guys - let's be honest - it's pretty hard to stay motivated. Even with actions that are clearly the right thing to do, it can be a genuine struggle keep going and stick to the plans we set ourselves. Even harder, sometimes, is motivating other people: peers, team-mates, co-workers, friends. How can we work smarter to achieve a more consistent form of motivation? The good news is that it's far from impossible, as long as you're informed you can make a few changes and see a big increase in motivation. So come along to this workshop to learn how to do that.

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This workshop is for students who:
- Have inconsistent motivation
- Struggle to finish what they start
- Say 'yes' a lot then end up over-committed
- Want to try and help their peers get a bit more energetic about their work

We'll learn about:
- How to stay motivated for medium and long term actions and goals
- Tips and tricks to become more motivated to do stuff that we really don't actually want to do
- How we can use questions, reflections and conversation to drive motivation in groups
- How we can adjust our habits and routines to become more consistently motivated
- What motivation won't solve for us (because everything has its limits, there are no silver bullets)

So come along to this workshop to access more motivation and feel a bit more energetic about the stuff you've just got to do.

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