World Leadership Series: Workshop 3: How to Lead when you're not a "Leader"

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Isn't leadership someone else's job? Aren't some people just naturally good leaders? Sometimes it seems that we have to wait to stand up and be heard. When starting a new project, a new job or trying to get something done, without having been given permission, or a role, to lead and make changes, it can seem hard and like we're over-stepping some boundaries. However, leading from the bottom is often valued, desired and expected by new staff and team members. So how do we do that? How can those who aren't leaders actually lead and champion change and improvement? 

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We aren't always 'leaders' in the sense that we've been given a title and a role, but we can always be leaders in the sense that we can seek to make change and improve the world, workplace, task, project or environment that we're in.

In this workshop, students will learn:
- What do professionals expect of new team mates?
- How can we use those expectations to know what is acceptable and what's over-stepping?
- Why would we push a little and try to lead sooner rather than later?
- How can we prepare, today, for these kinds of situations?
- Why practice and experience trump natural ability when leading

PLEASE NOTE: This is available to FSET students ONLY.

When: October 5th: 2.00-4.00PM
Where: Zoom 


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