World Leadership Series: Industry Panel 2 - Working in Multi-Cultural Environments

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Isn't culture secondary to process and getting work done? Join us in this panel event to hear from a range of STEM professionals sharing their experiences with working in multi-cultural spaces. From moving overseas to pursue a new job, to working at home with a diverse group of peers and managers - we'll be discussing the role culture plays in the workforce and how grads can be prepared and ahead of the curve.

Event details

We'll be talking with:

  1. Alison Stoakley - After an undergraduate degree in civil and environmental engineering in the US, Alison moved to Melbourne to complete a Master of Environment at the University of Melbourne. Across both continents she has worked in sustainability consulting, education and sustainability advocacy.

  2. Abdul Khan - A current student at Swinburne, Abdul's recent experience in industry and recent move to Australia is crucial in understanding how cross-cultural STEM workplaces operate and how to adapt and thrive in new environments.

  3. Steven Teofilo - Working for a large, international company, Steven's work in Engineers and Supply Chain Logistics requires he work with teams in different continents and in different workplace cultures, Steven will be sharing his experience working in linguistically and culturally diverse teams, businesses and contexts and providing insight gained over a decade of professional experience.

We'll be talking about:
- Why culture isn't just inside us, but manifests in the way people work and relate
- What multi-cultural workplaces are actually like, the good and the bad
- What tips or advice grads should take to be ahead of the curve and ready to hit the ground running
- How to work quickly and effectively in diverse and unfamiliar settings 

Students will be able (and encouraged!) to ask questions of the panel as the event runs, so please pre-submit or ask live on the day.

PLEASE NOTE: This is available to FSET students ONLY.

When: August 26 3:00-4.30 PM
Where: Zoom 


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