World Leadership Series: Final Event - Networking and Employment Seminar with Naishadh Gadani

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Now that we've build some skills, how do we signal to professionals and employers that we are skilled, can work successfully and are eager and ready to get started? What value do we bring? At times, especially when starting something new, it's hard to feel grounded and confident - how do we know we're a good fit for a job or role? Aren't there people way better than me at this? In this seminar we'll be looking at networking and employment as a way to build some context and confidence through realise what you do bring and what value you do represent.

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Join professional career coach Naishadh Gadani as he shares his experience, knowledge and advice on building a career and thinking about decision making with a long-term career view, not just taking a job, volunteering or trying something out, but learning to view your development as a captivating story to tell potential employers.

Come along to hear about:
- How can we find out and feel grounded in ourselves?
- How can networking provide us with learning opportunities that give us an edge?
- Is it possible to network without feeling like a snake-oil salesman?
- Confidence isn't something you can invent, fake or make up, so how do we develop it?

Students will be able (and encouraged!) to ask questions of the speaker as the event runs, so please pre-submit or ask live on the day.

We'll be talking with:

PLEASE NOTE: This is available to FSET students ONLY.

When: October 13th 2:30-4:00PM
Where: Zoom 


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