UniSport Virtual Distance Running Championships 2020

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Due to the impacts of COVID-19, UniSport Australia has announced that this July they will host the UniSport Virtual Distance Running Championships in conjunction with the Gold Coast Marathon!

Event details

Whilst the UniSport Virtual Running Championships will NOT run as a physical event and will instead be hosted virtually, it is still a sanctioned UniSport Nationals event. The event is open from July 1st to 31st 2020, for current students, staff and alumni to register and complete virtual distance runs to gain points for their university.

There are 4 different event distances for runners and wheelchair entrants;
- 5km
- 10km
- Half-marathon (21km)
- Full marathon (42km)

Points are awarded for each participant who completes a time for a set distance, and additional points will be awarded to the students with the fastest times in each of the distances. The universities with the most points in the male and female rankings will be the UniSport champions!

Sounds great, how do I enter?
1. Complete the Student Life Registration Form (to confirm your eligibility and ensure your results count!)
2. Visit https://goldcoastmarathon.com.au/virtual/ and Register your details with the event
3. Select the events/distances of your choice (you can choose a "bundle" if you wish to complete multiple events/distances)
4. Under the heading "UniSport Virtual Distance Running Championships" select Yes
5. Select Swinburne University of Technology from the University dropdown box
6. Select  Student, Staff, or Alumni. Current students must enter your student number
7. On your Race Roster profile, don't forget to join the Swinburne Razorbacks team!

Okay I'm registered! Now, what do I do?
1. Download the ASICS Runkeeper app from your phone app store
2. You will receive an email containing your personal "race link" 
3. On the day you wish to complete your run, click on the race link to open a specific recording session on the Runkeeper app
4. When you are ready, hit Start and complete your run!
5. Hit Save to conclude your run and record your result
6. Results will be automatically added to the live leaderboard

If you wish to have multiple attempts at improving your time, make sure you only hit Save on your fastest time. Any new results that are saved will override your previous result!

If you have any questions about the event or registration process, please email sport@swin.edu.au or call Student Life at (03) 9214 5445