Application for Legal Assistance

As an enrolled Swinburne student, you may be eligible for up to three hours of free legal assistance provided by our partnered legal service providers. 
Please provide as much details as you can to help us find the right specialist for you!

Please provide in format DD-MM-YYYY

If you answered No, proceed to question 10

Please provide all the information you can regarding the legal issue you wish to discuss. **This includes details of:** Previous legal assistance Any court proceedings currently underway Any other involved parties

Note: This means we will contact your authorised person if we cannot contact you directly.

**Please provide details for the person you wish to authorise in the textbox below:** Full name Email address Contact phone number

I hereby authorise and request any lawyer who has acted for me under the Swinburne Student Life Legal Assistance Scheme to provide Swinburne Student Life with any information and documents it may request.

1. Applications will not be processed until Swinburne Student Life has received all requested documentation; 2. Updates will not be provided during the Application process; 3. I remain responsible for meeting all Court commitments or commencing all legal action within the statutory time limits; 4. Swinburne Student Life will take a minimum of 2 working days to process my Application after all documentation has been received; 5. It may not be possible to find a solicitor willing to do the work on the basis requested, or in the location or legal area concerned; 6. I may not be eligible for legal assistance determined at the sole discretion of the Director of Swinburne Student Life; 7. Swinburne Student Life is not required to provide reasons for their decision as to whether or not they accept my application; and 8. I have no rights of action against Swinburne Student Life or Swinburne University of Technology or its employees in any event arising from this application or any assistance obtained from a firm referred by the scheme.

For any questions regarding Swinburne's Legal Assistance Scheme, please contact Swinburne Student Life on 03 9214 5445. Alternatively, visit us at reception 34 Wakefield St, GS Building, Swinburne University of Technology, Hawthorn campus.