New clubs for 2023

Giorgia Petterd


We are so excited to announce 14 new clubs that have just been formed this year. 

Our brand-new clubs are the:

  • Swinburne Cricket Club

  • Swinburne Republic Club

  • Animal Appreciation Society

  • Swinburne Debate Community

  • Swinburne International Students Club

  • Swinburne Alternative Film Club

  • Swinburne Badminton Club

  • Swinamation

  • Swinburne Blockchain Club

  • Swinburne Cambodian Student Association

  • Swin_Craft

  • Italian Club

  • Swinburne Twaddle Society

  • Swinburne Kannada Sangha

We certainly can't wait to see what fun things these clubs are getting up to and are sure they're all about to become your new favourite clubs. Be sure to check out what these clubs are all about (and join them too!)

We're also super excited to be able to tell you that we have had nearly 8000 club memberships this year! That's a huge number and we are so happy that you are all keen on getting involved with our awesome clubs here at Swinburne.