Clubs Update Jan 2023

Giorgia Petterd

Happy New Year everyone!!

We hope you had a wonderful holiday break and are ready for a fun and exciting year ahead. We can't wait to see all of the amazing things you will do in 2023, and we are so keen to help bring all your great ideas to life.

We've got a few updates that we'd love to share with you, please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions 😊

Club Re-Registration
Thank you for your effort so far in completing the re-registration process. Club re-registration will fully close on Sunday February 5th, meaning that all committee member compliance items must be completed by this date.

We will be conducting the final member count and transfer base funding on Friday March 5th at 12pm.

Club Funding
A reminder that in 2022, the base funding cap model was introduced, meaning that clubs that are under their funding cap that meet the criteria may be topped up to their funding cap, and clubs that are over their funding cap will not receive additional base funding.

For clubs that wish to discuss their funding, or wish to access additional funds, Club Grants are still available and we are more than happy to meet with you to discuss your plans!

Clubs are invited to use their club funds for Orientation, Welcome Back Week and Clubs Day purchases. Club stickers are being arranged for those who registered early for Clubs Day, there are currently no further funds provided by C&S at this stage.

Orientation, Welcome Back Week and Clubs Day!
The best time of the year for showing off your club and recruiting new members, is just around the corner!

Orientation Week (Tuesday February 21st - Friday February 24th)
Orientation week is open to Academic Clubs to advertise to newly commencing students in their respective Schools. Academic Clubs have the opportunity to activate a stall on the day/s that their Schools are conducting Orientation programs with their commencing student cohort. To register your interest for Orientation, please visit the Orientation form via this link!

Welcome Back Week (Monday February 27th & Tuesday February 28th)
Welcome Back Week is when all returning students will be back on campus! Welcome Back Week is open to all clubs who register for Clubs Day, and you will have the opportunity to activate a stall on either Monday or Tuesday. To express your interest, please visit the Welcome Back Week form via this link!

Clubs Day (Wednesday March 1st)
This is the big dance! Clubs Day is the biggest day of the year for Clubs. Clubs Day is all about you and your club - everyone will be here to see your club shine. In previous years, Clubs Day has seen some of our clubs grow their membership by an astronomical number, it is simply too good of an opportunity to miss! We want to hear your activation ideas, so please visit the Clubs Day form to tell us what you want to do!

Dean's Welcome and Student Panel (Tuesday February 21st - Thursday February 23rd)
Interested students are invited to volunteer for this opportunity - a student panel being hosted by the Schools in the afternoon/evenings of Orientation Week. These panels will give students an opportunity to share their experiences as a Swinburne student, with the students, parents, partners and supporters of commencing Undergraduate and Postgraduate students in your field of study. This is a volunteer opportunity and spots are limited, so if you are interested - please submit an expression of interest via this form.

Club Purchasing
We wanted to share an update regarding purchasing, as we understand that last year there were a number of instances where miscommunications occurred and payments got held up. With invoice payments that go through Swinburne Finance, they are very strict on what constitutes a 'complete invoice'.

There are a number of items that invoices require for the Finance team to make payments, and if any of these are missing, unclear or appear incorrect (such as total amounts, or GST status), then they will be rejected and require amendments.  Please note that these are legal requirements set by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), and neither Clubs & Sport nor Swinburne Finance have any control over these.

Please see the infographic below for an example of a complete invoice and the items that an invoice requires to be paid.

Additionally, please remember that invoice payments are made by Swinburne Finance '30 days from the end of the month in which an invoice is dated'. This means that, depending on what date the supplier has dated the invoice, it may take up to 8 weeks to be paid.

For example: an invoice dated on July 1st, will be paid in the end-of-week payrun that the '30th day from the end of July' falls in - meaning the invoice would be paid at the end of August/start of September.

If an invoice is dated June 30th, it will be paid in the Thursday/Friday payrun that the '30th day from the end of June' falls in, meaning the invoice would be paid at the end of July/start of August.

We hope that this helps clarify the system that Swinburne Finance has in place when it comes to invoice payments 😊

Team Updates
In the second half of last year, we welcomed Alex and Diana to the Clubs & Sport Team! They have settled straight in, and some of you will have already met with them and worked together on club events and other items. If you see them or Sara around on one of our campus days, come and say hi!

We will be looking to fill the vacant position in our team in the coming weeks - so keep an eye out for another friendly face joining our team soon!

My apologies for the essay - hopefully these updates are helpful to you as you get ready for the year ahead. Have a great January, and we will see you on campus soon!

- Luke, Clubs Team Leader