Swinburne Razorbacks board their flights for the UniSport Nationals Div 2

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What to expect over the next week as the Swinburne Razorbacks head to the Gold Coast to compete for gold!


The Swinburne Futsal and Netball teams will be competing in the UniSport Nationals Div 2 from the 8th-11th of July.

43 member universities across Australia go head to head in the UniSport Nationals throughout various sporting competitions each year.

Nationals Div 1 and 2 are the main events and this year Div 2 will have 13 different sports competitions across men's, women's and mixed categories.

The Swinburne Razorbacks, Women's Netball and Men's Futsal athletes, will be putting in their training and hard work for Div 2 in the coming week.

In Div 2 you can also catch other sports like Ultimate Frisbee, Hockey, Tennis, Volleyball and others.

Better yet, Div 1 will have a lot more in stock but we'll get back to that leading up to September.

You might be thinking to yourself, 'How do I get more information about this, follow along and support the Razorbacks,' right? We've got you covered.

Get ready

A total of 21 student-athletes, 9 for Futsal and 12 for Netball, including 2 University Team Captains have taken on the task of leading the Razorbacks to victory.

The top 2 teams in each sport will also qualify for the Nationals Div 1, if they haven't already, and compete on an even larger stage.

Each day they'll be putting on their uniforms to win in the group stage from Monday to Wednesday morning.

The medals will be up for grab in the quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday.

The Futsal team will be playing against other universities earlier in the mornings followed by the Netball matches soon after.

Both teams will be competing at the same venue so as they cool down and hydrate, they’ll be able to cheer on the other team members.

The Razorbacks will also have the support of two brilliant University Team Managers, Regan and John.

It’s safe to say that the teams will be in capable hands and all set to bring the medals home.

Swinburne Razorbacks defend the net at 2018 Nationals

Before the take-off

As the team's pack their luggage and board the flights, the journey leading up to it has been filled with days and days of hard work.

John Goudis said,

“Student Life has been a hive of activity leading into the last week.
The team is eager to head up to the Gold Coast and support our
Student-Athletes as they take on other Australian Universities.”

“Our athletes are completing their last few training sessions before
the competition kicks off.”

John is one of the wonderful University Team Managers and a Clubs and Sports Officer at Swinburne Student life who will be heading up to the Gold Coast with the team.

There’s no doubt that the Razorbacks will be giving it their all for the prized Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

Keep a lookout

To cheer on and support the teams you can stay tuned with Razor the Razorback on Facebook and Swinburne on Instagram.

You’ll get a nice blend of highlights, inside stories and feature pieces throughout and even after the competition is over.

Written by Faraz Haider
Bachelor of Arts (Politics and International Relations)
Bachelor of Business (Economics)
Minoring in Journalism