The Razor Shop is here!

Cecilia Distefano

University is about so much more than the degree you receive at the end. It’s about the adventure. It’s about the friends you make along the way and the experiences you have with them. You are so much more than the piece of paper. And we think that is something to be proud of.


Swinburne Student Life is excited to announce the launch of the first ever officially co-branded Swinburne X Razor merchandise, available now at the Razor Shop.

Razor is our loveable mascot who gets up to all sorts mischief - you might’ve given him a high-five or a hug at an event or seen him sharing a cheeky selfie online. If you have, you’d know he’s the best mascot in all the land. And now… your favourite mascot just became wearable!

Sport Razor on a Swinburne hoodie, tee, cap and more to flex your school spirit.

All Swinburne x Razor merch on the Razor Shop is quality made from clothing brands that you know and love. It’s made for comfort and style, just for students!

By showing your Swinburne pride, you will also be helping to create and fund opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth and future generations. We’re excited to be working alongside Position Promo; an Indigenous supplier, so your hard-earned money is going towards a worthy cause.

Whether you study on campus or online, it’s practically your second home after all.
Show your Swinburne Pride today.