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Since we are now coming to the end of Dogtober, I thought what better way to pay homage to these sweet canine friends than to shout-out my top favourites in the category.


Nothing like the start of balmy summer weather to get you pepped up for chill outdoor hangouts. And no one better to do it with than the (second) best animal on this planet… my main mates – dogs.

Since we are now coming to the end of Dogtober, I thought what better way to pay homage to these sweet canine friends than to shout-out my top favourites in the category.

To be honest, it’s pretty tough to pick… let alone rank these dudes. But let’s give this a shot:

Coming in at an honourable Fourth Place – Pekingese


Yes, you might say this is a bit unexpected; a bit off brand for my baller personality… but, just take a look at him, he’s pretty flippin’ cute!

You can’t be too sure where he’s going or what he might do – his feet are pretty much non-existent; I love the mystery about this little guy.

Also, what is his purpose? Yes, he’s a cool little buddy – but he’s also definitely been built for some industrial cleaning action. He’s been constructed by mother nature to do more than just yap incessantly and lick anything in sight – he’s a living and breathing cleaning machine! Mix a canine with a Roomba and you’ve got a Pekingese.

Maybe he can be a bit nippy and annoying at times (got to get used to that yap), but he’s a funny little multi-purpose friend, and that’s why he’s my #4 favourite dog.

Next pick, coming in at #3 – Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd

I couldn’t leave this majestic fella’ off my list. He’s literally our country’s dog! And couldn’t be any prouder to have him share our country’s name.

This guy is a force to be reckoned with – not only does he have the brains of a top ranking canine, but he has the fiercest, regalest looks. Have I tried to dye my hair the same beautiful, mottled grey colour? Maybe. Did I try out cool contact lenses to complete the look? Certainly did.

If I were a dog, I’d want to be best buds with this rock star of a canine. He’s like that cool kid in class that’s not too cool – just the right level of nerdy paired with impeccable charm.

Cutting it just below the crown, landing at #2 – the English Bulldog


It should come at no surprise that this chunky unit climbed to the top of the list. I mean, look at him! Is he my brother? First cousin? Brother from another mother? Whatever he is, he’s my soulmate and I can’t imagine a world without him.

This thumper is a beast unto his own: he doesn’t answer to anyone, and makes his stubbornness his crowning glory. Another common point between us – we’re both fighters! Stubborn and determined to the core.

Special shout out to his badass under-bite - nothing better than a tusk-like smirk to win me over.

And coming in hot and at #1, she’s one of a kind and full of personality – the Mutt

Mutts are #1

Yup, a bit of a curveball! But let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than the perfect concoction of your favourite breeds – plus a sprinkling of mystery ones.

They’re like snowflakes – every one’s a unique combo of canine! Why settle for one variety of pupper, when you can have the best of the mix? Can’t tell you how many of my best canine friends have a little bit of this, and a little bit of that in their DNA.

Yeah, they might have some surprises along the way – might require a bit of training and extra love, but they make the best pals once they’ve settled in at home.

If you’re in the position to care for a canine friend, it’s your lucky day because there are heaps and heaps of these ready for a new home – check out your local shelter and see for yourself!

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Honourable Mention: Bolognese

mmm...spagetti bolognese

Purely because it’s a badass name. No one knows if you’re suggesting dinner or talking about your best canine friend.

Article written by Catherine Ramsey

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