LEAD Online

Couldn't make it to one of the LEAD sessions? Well, you're in luck. Here's the perfect introduction to leadership at Swinburne. 

Below you'll find an ever-growing host of self-paced, expert-guided resources. Check out the videos, activities and assessments that help you learn about yourself as a leader. This is a quick and effective way to get started with leading. 

Getting started with Leadership at Swinburne 

QUIZ: What kind of Leader are you? 

Don't forget to catch up on the past LEAD Workshops & Talks below too! 

Making Groups Work

How to Lead when you're not a Leader

Advocating for yourself and your ideas

Taryn Cornell - Sustainability and Design

Mohammed Shana'a - Start ups and Engineering

Sandra Qian - Research and Policy

Michaela Epstein - Education and Leading Early in your Career

Alice Ridge - Policy and Non-Profit Leadership

Jack Railton-Woodcock - Leading Clients and Advertising