LGBTI+ FAQs from Swinburne

Commonly Asked LGBTI+ Questions

“What are my rights?”        
All students have the right to a fair and equitable learning experience regardless of their gender or identity.  
Swinburne University of Technology is committed to the principles of diversity and inclusion. It has created an environment where people of diverse sexual orientation and gender identity can feel safe, and access equal opportunity to learn.

“I’m non-binary, transitioning or I have changed my name, how can I talk to my teacher?”
Your educator is in the classroom to teach and support you through your educational journey with Swinburne. 
Your educators want you to be comfortable within your learning environment. Speaking to your educator about any changes openly and honestly is always best.  
Let your educator know your chosen name or pronoun (if different from that of the roll) and they will take this on board. 

“I have changed my name, but Uni correspondence is still in my old name?”
The University is required to address all formal correspondence to your legal name. 
Outside of formal correspondence, you are able to be referred to as your preferred name. Please speak to your educator to organise this.

“I am non-binary, what bathrooms can I use?”
Swinburne has numerous all-gender bathrooms around campus if you do not feel comfortable utilising the gender-specific bathrooms.
All-gender bathrooms can be found in the Engineering building, Advanced Technologies Centre, AD building and the Security Centre.

“Where can I find social support and other identifying students?”
Queer Collective with SSU
Available to all students who want a safe place to chill out and meet other LGBTI students.
Located on Level 2 of the AD building.

Gender Agender
A club with Swinburne Student Life. It provides social support and tackles the big issues for identifying students.

“Where can I find support in the academic environment?”
Student Life Advocacy
Provides independent, confidential and free support to students. or call to book appointment 9214 5445

Safer Community
If you are experiencing bullying or discrimination in any form, you can report this to:
“What is discrimination?”
Disadvantaging a person due to a characteristic.
There are two types of discrimination:
1. Direct discrimination
This occurs if a person is treated unfairly, or disadvantaged due to an attribute, such as their sexuality.
2. Indirect discrimination
This occurs when a person implements a requirement or condition, which will unreasonably disadvantage people with a specific attribute. 

“What do I do if I think I am being discriminated against?”
If you believe you may have been discriminated against, please speak to Student Life Advocacy. We can help you to resolve this informally, or, where appropriate, assist and support you to design and submit a complaint.

“Is the medical centre at Swinburne LGTBI friendly?”
Swinburne has an on-campus medical centre named Wellbeing.  It is located on level 4 of the George building. The clinic is LGTBI friendly and can assist with sexual health, contraception information and preventative medication e.g. PREP. These consultations are free of charge for students.

“I need Mental Health support, where can I access this?”
Swinburne’s Wellbeing clinic has mental health professionals. They can assist with issues such as understanding your sexuality, healthy relationships and managing open discussions with family and friends. It is located on Level 4 of the George building.  Current students are normally eligible for 6 free mental health sessions with a mental health care plan.

“What events can I participate in?”
ALL Events!
Events at Swinburne University are all-inclusive and Student Life encourages students to get involved in volunteering, clubs and/or sports to get the best out of your University experience. 
The Midsumma Festival and Pride Festival are run during the year to celebrate the gender diversity of Swinburne’s student cohort.