Student Experience Framework

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Your responses will help us co-design a student experience that reflects your own needs and expectations, along with those of the diverse Swinburne community. 

The student experience includes every interaction with Swinburne: online and on campus, curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular. It starts when you express interest in a course, continues during your studies, and flows through to graduation and beyond. 

We have an ambitious goal – to design and deliver a connected next gen_now student experience for and with all Swinburne students. To achieve this goal, we have embarked on an exciting project to co-design a framework that reflects and responds to student needs and expectations across all dimensions of the student experience during a person’s time at Swinburne, from their initial enrolment to graduation. We want to build something both students and staff are excited about and proud of.  

This project is an exciting opportunity for everyone contribute their ideas about what an ideal student experience looks like. This co-design process is currently underway and involves:   

  • Interviews with students and staff focusing on the current student experience (July)  

  • Student cohort focus groups to understand the current student experience and needs (8-16 August) 

  • Student and staff roundtables to begin envisioning a new student experience (8-11 August)  

  • A Student Citizens’ Assembly where a diverse range of Swinburne students will meet to co-design and draft the new framework (25 August/ 2 September) 

  • Conducting a large-scale student survey, aiming to reach 10 per cent of the student population, to validate the framework (September) 

What is the 'Student Experience'?

The Student Experience covers the students’ entire experience of engaging with Swinburne – both online and on-campus – including curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular aspects. It starts when a person expresses interest in a Swinburne course, continues during their studies and through to graduation and beyond.  

What happens next?  

Over the coming months, the project will develop the following:

Student Experience Framework 

The framework will reflect and respond to student needs and expectations across all dimensions of the student experience 

Student Partnership Model

The Student Partnership Model will outline how students are engaged to co-create and co-design a connected student experience 

Student Voice model  

The Student Voice Model will outline how decision makers across Swinburne seek, capture, and consider student input  



The framework and two supporting models will articulate the holistic student experience and most importantly, will be created by students and staff together.  

UPDATE: Hear what students had to say at the Student Citizens' Assembly

More communications will be shared throughout the project to keep students and staff informed on the outcomes. If you have any questions about the project, please contact project coordinator, Aimee Gipper (