Swinburne Leadership Opportunities

Swinburne Leadership Opportunities 

More coming soon!

I just want to test the waters and learn
I want to try something with a bit more commitment I want to REALLY get involved
Swinburne Leaders Network Events
Leadership Hub
Join the Leadership Hub, experiment, learn and grow.
Student Representative Council 
Student Life Volunteering
Volunteer online in a variety of ways, help
the community, make friends and be proactive

Peer Mentor Leader
Help students by being a Peer Mentor leader – mentor new students, help them navigate University and their classes, and get paid.

Emerging Leaders
Gain recognition for your leadership with your transcript confirming you as a Swinburne Emerging leader
Consume Leadership Content
Listen to a podcast. Read a book. Follow some leaders on LinkedIn or Instagram! 
Club Committee
Join a club and become a president, vice president,
treasurer, secretary, committee member – a chance to be responsible, learn on the job and prove that you can do it.
Student-to-student projects
Intermittently students will be looking for peers to help run University/Community improvement projects
Group Projects
Put your hand up to lead your next group assignment
External Leadership Opportunities  Camps, summits, conferences, etc that happen irregularly