Swinburne Mathematics Society

A society of maths enthusiasts from all disciplines that get together to share puzzles, interesting videos, papers, study extracurricular maths subjects, host Q&As with maths researchers and connect with the wider swinburne maths community!

At the Swinburne Mathematics Society, we believe that maths, in addition to being a powerful and practical tool for science, engineering, economics, etc., is also a rewarding and fun activity in its own right, with rich beauty and elegance behind every problem, solution, conjecture and theorem!

It is therefore our focus to create an inclusive environment in which people can share their passion for maths, away from the pressures of a classroom, grades and assignments. share your favorite puzzle of the day and work together to figure it out or post a fascinating video on a maths topic near and dear to your heart! We welcome anyone and everyone from all disciplines and all proficiencies, students and teachers alike, who share an interest in maths and want to learn more.

We connect our members to a variety of maths events and competitions, such as the Simon Marais Mathematics Competition (SMMC) and the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institutes (AMSI) online seminars. We also hold Q&As with maths researchers from swinburne to learn more about their work, favourite subjects, carreer pathways in maths and more! We have more events planned in the future such as running our own integration bee: test your skills against students with soul destroying integration problems for nerd cred and bragging rights!

Contact us: swinburne.mathematics.society@gmail.com


6 Oct

Swinburne Mathematics Society

AMDC301, AMDC Sky Lounge

From Bachelor's to Doctorate. Navigating the PhD journey

The PhD Student Speaker Series is a dynamic academic event lasting 3 hours, featuring six PhD students representing diverse fields of study. Each student will present for 8 minutes, followed by a Q&A session and networking opportunities. This series showcases our PhD students' research endeavours, allowing them to share methodologies and the significance of their work. Attendees can engage in discussions, seek clarification, and explore potential collaborations during the Q&A sessions. Networking opportunities are available, enabling connections and idea exchange among academics, students, and researchers. Refreshments will be provided.