Start a Club!

New Club Registration for 2024 is now OPEN!

2024 Just Got More Exciting! 🎉 New club registrations are now open and you can start a club today!

- Start: Monday June 3

- Last date: Friday July 12

How to start a club:

  1. Complete a New Club EOI to tell us about your club idea. Please include two ideas of events you would like to run.

  2. Once approved, share your club and get member sign-ups on the Student Life portal.

  3. Clubs & Sports will run all IGM's for Semester 2. Kee an eye on this space as the details will be posted soon!!!

  4. Upload your meeting minutes and complete the training modules on Canvas to get access to funds for your events - then you’re good to go!

Getting involved with clubs at Swinburne is one of the best ways to make friends and explore your interests. It might seem complicated at first, but our club management system allows you to control every aspect of your club, while being recognised by the university for your extracurricular contributions!

If you want to start a club, but want to get off to a flying start, consider adopting a club instead! There are a few clubs that have assets like social media accounts, banners and logo's that are in need of a new committee to take them over. All they need is YOU to adopt them! Check out our clubs up for adoption here.